Better late than never, right?

Better late than never, right?

Planet Wars

After several months of trying to sort out payment stuff with Microsoft, I’ve finally given in and somewhat reluctantly purchased another subscription to their app hub for xbox. I’ve detailed my reluctance before– their absence of a user-friendly and on-time payment method for developers and the uncertain fate of XNA itself made me cancel my original sub.

But I’m back! Despite Microsoft, not because of them really. Because I actually really like XBLIG, despite it’s obvious severe lack of faith and funding from the company that spawned it. Because at the end of the day, I actually love that my games are available on Xbox, and I want to support my xbox players. I loaded up MegaCity for xbox the other day, and jesus, that version feels old compared to the latest. So new¬†gargantuan¬†update heading your way Xbox players. Plus I’ve had a version of Planet Wars that’s pretty much ready to go just sitting on my hard drive collecting dust. Couldn’t let that happen could I?

So I’m back in the community-driven XBLIG release process. Fixing bugs here and there, re-uploading and generally whoring out my review services in the hope that someone reviews and approves my game in return.

I’ll probably update this post with the XBLIG review link, if any of you happen to be app hub members. The rest of you, stay tuned for a release soon (hopefully).


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