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Concrete Jungle 1.1.8

Concrete Jungle 1.1.8

Hello everybody!

This update has been a long time coming, but it’s finally here! I’m currently prepping the mac version for release on Steam next week, along with some long-lingering bug fixes.

The mac version on Steam contains both a native version and a wine version- it’ll ask you which one you want to play on launch. The Wine version has been available for a while on storefronts like, but I’ve been waiting for a functional native version to be ready before releasing on Steam. Both versions share the same save game directory, so you can play either one without losing progress.

Because of some bug fixes relating to possible exploits, the Steam leaderboards will be reset next week.

Concrete Jungle 1.1.8 is live now on Steam, and coming to other storefronts shortly.


New Features & Changes:
-Mac version now available!
-English dialog now plays even when a different language is selected (to turn off, lower the voice volume to 0).

Bug Fixes:
-AI bugs with placing towers (would sometimes try an illegal move)
-Fixed a bug where the display of the unlocked card faded before you could read it.
-Fixed a bug where the game would not maximize its window on startup.
-Missing link icon from the ‘Welfare Office’ card.
-Missing link icon from the ‘Farmers’ Market’ card.
-Missing star icon from the ‘Sculpture’ card.
-Fixed some dialog errors on levels 7, 11 and 14 when using languages other than English.
-‘Parking’ building’s extend max block size ability was being applied incorrectly, resulting in only a +1 size increase.
-The level name introduction text now scales properly with the game window.
-Some remaining text and grammatical errors.

Card & Skill Balances:
-‘Museum’ no longer duplicates cards that can duplicate other cards.
-‘Newspaper HQ’ ability now only applies to empty land or point-collecting buildings and is capped at +32 economy.

Update Blitzkreig: Free O’Clock High / Post-mortem

Update Blitzkreig: Free O’Clock High / Post-mortem


Hello folks! As you may of guessed from that stunningly witty title, I’ve decided to release my game Six O’Clock High for free. It’s now free on android, iOS will follow in the weeks to come.

Along with the new free-ness, the game itself has a new build which is a little shinier. There are chartboost ads involved BUT you can disable them completely via the options menu. Anybody who has purchased the game before now will have them disabled by default.

Releasing a previously paid-for game for free is always a bit of a moral grey zone for developers. I wanted to release SOCH for free because I think there are a lot of people out there who don’t want to pay for it, but who would play it. It’s a small game so it was always to be expected. But I don’t want to screw over the people who did pay for it and support it early on, AND I wanted to keep it all in one version. When you have multiple versions of the game game- paid and free, things get trickier to manage.

So that why I’ve just gone and made the ads completely optional. I would hope that a lot of people leave them turned on because, when it comes down to it, I do need money for food. But even if you just download the game for free, you have the option of removing them.



So what went right and what went wrong with Six O’Clock High?

The Good-
I was and still am pleased with the quality of the core game. I still have fun with it whenever I need to test it. With some reservations that I’ll expand into further on.

I’m still very pleased with the graphics. Tonnes of thought and adjustment went into creating the ever-so-slightly-washed-out-but-still-vivid colour palette. I had some lukewarm comments on the half-pixelized style I attempted, and I would have to agree it didn’t quite come together as well as I hoped, but I’m glad I tried it.

The Bad-
Controls still remain an issue on touch screens. I think I personally like them more than the average person, but they come up a lot. At this point it would be a lot of work with little reward to go back and input a whole new control system. Sorry guys. Maybe in a sequel?

The content is light, especially for a paid game. I always knew this was going to be the case as I wanted to keep this as a small project. Every project I do spirals out of control, I end up spending 1 year+ on. I wanted to do something small and light. Yes, I thought about doing an awesome single player campaign, with friendly AI, different levels, and progress saving. If I make a sequel this will definitely be on the cards. But Six O’Clock will always be just a little survival arcade game.

As for the price (tier 1), I thought it was reasonable outside of the context of the app store. I still do. $1 for a cool little time waster is fine right? The reality is the competition is very heavy, and even a tier 1 price can be a tough sell when it’s really quite a small game and up against free-to-play titles. That’s just the reality.

The Ugly-
Bugs. Always a downfall. I think I’ve got them all now.

The looping soundtrack. I couldn’t afford multiple tracks OK? BA-BA-DA DA-DA-DA!

Performance on lower end phones. Also somewhat unavoidable. I spent weeks trying to optimize each version as much as possible. It’s as good as it can get. If you have devices made from 2012 onwards, you should be fine though.

So there we go. I hope you enjoy Six O’Clock High. I very well may return to make Seven O’Clock one day. It’s certainly a game I’d like to expand upon.



Six O’Clock High Lands September 23rd!

Six O’Clock High Lands September 23rd!

Coming Sep 23rd

Hi everybody. It’s been forever since my last update- but I can finally confirm the release date for ‘Six O’Clock High’ is September 23rd. It’s a multi-platform release on iOS, Android, Xbox Live Indie Games, Windows Phone and Flash.

The game has been ready for a little while now, but I’ve been busy working out a sponsorship deal for the flash version with gamepirate¬†who will be the distributor of the free flash version. The extra time will also allow me to add even more polish to the mobile versions.

I’m also excited to properly give you lot some more info on my next project which will be the follow up to MegaCity. I plan to start keeping a video development log of this one. I hope you’ll enjoy that– more on that after the release of SOCH.

This Week & Planet Wars Launch

This Week & Planet Wars Launch


What’s new this week? Well, Planet Wars has had what I consider to be a fairly successful launch. People are enjoying it on XBLIG, which is fantastic. There are a few more promo codes below, plus a few for MegaCity I found lying around. You may as well have them!

MegaCity has been updated on flash platforms, bringing them up to date with the recent iOS and Android versions. There will likely be an update on Android soon which merges the Xperia Play and regular versions. More on that soon.

Other than this, there hasn’t been a great deal of progress on other projects, as I’ve also been busy looking at new flats to rent. I really want to get stuck into some serious work during the summer though. I’ve been thinking about doing a week-long project– something really simple but fun. As my projects always tend to be more on the ambitious side, I think something like this could be a good addition to my games catalogue. Originally ‘Sleigher’ was meant to be this before it expanded to become what it is. I need to get back to basics and make something small, fun and fresh.

Anyway, as promised, some promo codes for you:

Planet Wars (XBox)

MegaCity (Xbox)

MegaCity (iOS)