Concrete Jungle Reveal!

Concrete Jungle Reveal!


Here it is! This is the infamous sequel to MegaCity that I’ve been working on (on and off) for the best part of 3 years now. Its been a long journey to get to here- and I’ll write about that in the coming weeks, but now let me present ‘Concrete Jungle’!

cj_01 cj_02 cj_03 cj_04

Those of you familiar with MegaCity will instantly see the connection to that game, with vastly improved graphics and interface. That’s true ofcourse, but there are a whole load of new mechanics going on too, which I’ll sum up:

Deck-Building. Concrete Jungle is a deck-building game, which means the never-ending random list of buildings has been replaced by a player-built deck that constantly cycles through. You build your deck as the game progresses. This eliminates a lot of the bad luck players encountered in MegaCity, especially in the late game, and also introduces a whole new layer of strategy and depth!

New ways buildings can buff and improve your city! Clusters of buildings can now form neighborhoods. This combined with the deck-building mechanics make for a whole lot more variety in what individual buildings can do. So of course there are…

Load of buildings! Loads! I’m planning over 150 for the final game.

Scrolling and Zooming engine with isometric graphics! Obvious from the screenshots I hope- but I’ve been working on the visuals a tonne as of late.

That said, although I have a lot of this done and working, there’s a whole lot more content I want to put in. That’s why I’m running a modest kickstarter for the game which will be launched on Monday. Stay tuned for more *very* soon- Monday!


3 thoughts on “Concrete Jungle Reveal!

  1. Just wanted to check in and say how much I loved MegaCity and how exited I am for this new game! Can’t wait!

    Do you already know what platforms will this game be available on, once it’s released?

  2. Hi Toby!
    The game will be on PC as the lead platform, but I intend to also port to mac and hopefully iOS/Android later on too.

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