Game Development Housework

Game Development Housework


This week I’ve been doing the game development equivalent of housework; cleaning out some bugs and tidying up code. I’m pushing out the releases I’ve completed so far on as many platforms as possible- something that’s relatively easy due to the software I use- but something that does take time nonetheless.

The way I see it, I want to get ‘all the versions’ out there. At the moment they are distractions- a nagging thought “what if I port xx to x platform? It wouldn’t take long…” I’m consciously trying to grow my player base this year. Right now I’m focusing on past releases, specifically ‘Planet Wars’- which to be honest I’m sick of. I always get the sense while working on it “I can do so much better than this”, which on one hand is a good thing as it means I’m progressing. The bad side is a loss of confidence in publicizing the project– nobody really enthusiastically wants to bang the drum of project when they know they could do better. It’s not a new feeling.

So I’ve been coming to terms with that. Whenever I finish anything, I will of improved and learned along the way and therefore the actual product quality is less than what I can achieve with my new skills. I’m come to this realisation before in some of my other art-focused work, and I think it’s something almost every artist or developer can relate to.

‘Planet Wars’ is a project I started way back at the tail end of 2010. It actually hasn’t changed much. The code is a mess quite frankly. I’ve learned so much since. BUT, you know what? It’s still a blast, on Xbox especially. I’ve played it in co-op mode with some friends a fair few times, and it’s certainly worth 80 msp I feel.

When this is all done I’ll get down to the serious and occasionally unserious business of my next project; the MegaCity sequel. I’ve already started the game engine. Right now I’m wondering whether it should be in the vein of a direct sequel, or straight up a different game, abeit with the city-building theme of the original. I’m leaning toward the latter seeing as my ideas are so different to the original concept.

Till next week!


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