Green Blobs

Green Blobs


This is what MegaCity 2 looks like right now. Exciting huh? Those green blobs will eventually be the building clusters or blocks, or neighbourhoods. Whatever you want to call them.

This is my new system which will expand on the grid system in the first game. You will be able to build buildings of the same type next to each other, and they will effectively join together (up to a yet-to-be-decided limit, here it’s 5). Once joined together, the buildings will behave as one, allowing for more surface area to collect precious + points. I used the phrase ‘Tetris meets Simcity’ in the description for the first game, this description is going to be even more appropriate in the second game.

Basically I wanted to move away from the square grid system. Or expand on it is perhaps more fitting as each building is still a square tile. As a result, the gameplay should create a more interesting and unique city. I’m dabbling with the idea of crossing some elements of the management genre into the game, the challenge here is balancing the new ideas with the simplicity of the original.


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