MegaCity Gameplay Guide

MegaCity Gameplay Guide


Hi everybody! This section is dedicated to an easy to follow tutorial on how to play my game MegaCity.

How To Play

First off, you will notice the game grid infront of you. Each of the squares are places where you can build the buildings indicated on the left side of the screen. Simply tap/click (or press A on Xbox) to place a building on the selected square.


Notice when you do this, the list on the left side advances. The green arrow points to the building to be built next. The building list supplies an unlimited amount of randomly selected buildings to be placed.

The first few buildings are always houses. Houses and other residential tiles (marked in green) are important because they collect points.


Most of the other types of building have blue or red markers in their icon. These colours show you how the building influences the other squares around it. Blue is positive, red is negative. So a school for example, positively influences the squares directly above,  below, to the left and to the right.


These influences only matters to residential tiles. The points on them tell you the accumulation of the red and blue influences from the buildings around them.

The counters at the top show you the total score for each column. This is the sum of the points from all the houses in that column.


The number at the top right is the target. This is the number your columns must reach in order to advance the screen. The far left column is the column which will always clear first, giving you more room to build.

So once the column on the left gets 4 points (or more) then the column will clear, moving all the existing columns up and generating a new one on the right.


This is the essence of MegaCity. The normal mode is a ‘survival’ type game. As you clear columns, you’ll notice the target number eventually increases. So the target gets harder and harder to reach. Eventually you’ll have to plan several moves ahead in order to assure you have room to build. When there is no room left (or if you forget to place a residential tile in a column in order to collect points) the game is over.

Gameplay Tips/Q&A

– You can unlock additional buildings by leveling up. Each column clearance will also give you XP, which counts towards levelling up. Each level you unlock another building. The unlockable buildings will only appear rarely, but are often extremely useful. You can read a description of them in the unlocks section of the main menu.

– You can use the ‘save a tile’ feature at any time (in non-challenge mode) by tapping/clicking on the square. This will save a tile for use later on, and once saved, you can switch between placing it and the queue by clicking on each.

– The further you score over the target, the more points you’ll get! The increase is exponential, so get as many points per column as you can risk. Building ahead to gather loads of points in one column can be risky because it reduces the amount of space which you may need to clear the columns before/after it- but columns far over the target number can give you *lots* of points!

-Complete challenges by using the pre-set buildings to advance the columns up to the blue line. Completing challenges and achievements will give you XP to count towards your next unlock.

-The target will increase as you advance! Keep an eye on the orange circle around the target number to see when it will go up. It will increase by 1 every 10 column clearances.

-Make sure you have at least 1 residential building in each column at all costs! Otherwise you won’t be able to gain points from that column…

– Q: Can I remove buildings? A: Yes, one of the unlockable buildings is a ‘bulldoze’ tile.

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  2. Hee,
    It is a nice game but when i want complete a challenge, and i play de challenge over and over again, its challenge malltown, i fail in the last collumn with +/- 4, am i verry bad or can i not complete the challenge?

    1. Hi Julia!
      I’m glad you are enjoying it. There is definitely a way to complete malltown, though perhaps this challenge is a little harder than labelled in the menu!

  3. Hi colej,
    I am really enjoying your game, it’s heaps of fun & very challenging.
    Only downside (not really) is that I lose time! I can play one game for 20 minutes, as I am getting better at it. 🙂
    Thank you!

  4. Hi,
    I am really enjoying this great game, many thanks.

    I wonder if I am doing something incorrectly however?
    On the far right of the screen is the level, I have reached 12. No matter what level I reach – my highest has been 15, but I regularly reach 14, there is nothing happening to the bar. Previously I have had a change in colour which regularly climbs the bar till it reaches the top & changes to the next number. What do I need to do to start the bar climbing to reach level 13?

    Thanks for any help.

  5. Hey hey,

    Just started playing this today after discovering your recent work on Concrete Jungle via screenshotsaturday.

    Maybe this is answered elsewhere, but I’m curious if the mechanics are simple enough that this would be playable in offline (board game) form. I.E. After the first handful of houses, are the pieces completely random? Do the increasing goals levels follow a specific formula? Are there other digital nauces that might be difficult for the player or pieces to reproduce?

    If you think it’d be possible, I’d like to give a go at printing my own prototype set. 😉

    1. Hi Cap’n Slipp!

      It’s something that’s been suggested several times, and although I’ve given it thought and believe a board game could be made- I just haven’t had time to develop it personally as I’m too busy working on the digital games. In megacity the pieces are random yes.

      Get in touch here: maybe we could talk more about it? 🙂

  6. Hey ColeJ,

    I have had a difficult time playing your game, and it seems if it is impossible to complete the challenge where you have to have a “+10” society. Any help or walkthrough through this would be helpful.
    (P.S. I love your games.)
    – Waleed A. , 12 yr old founder of Wafzal2 Productions

  7. Mega City is lovely game and in this article you like to write about this game. Infect, Discuss some stages of this game which we felt difficult to play. In this article you like to put some tricks which help to play these stages easily.

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