MegaCity 1.60 & FREE weekend!

MegaCity 1.60 & FREE weekend!

Hi all. MegaCity update 1.60 has been released which completely revamps everything again. It’s really a huge improvement, all the graphics have been re-done and there is a new gameplay feature (save a tile slot).

To celebrate, the game is also completely free on iOS this weekend! So if you haven’t got it yet, what are you waiting for?

Available in iTunes App Store!


3 thoughts on “MegaCity 1.60 & FREE weekend!

  1. Hi Cole,

    I recently heard of MegaCity, but today as I went to iTunes to check it out, it states that it requires iOS 5.1 . Any strong reason why it needs 5.1? After several past difficult and frustrating experiences upgrading my iPad, I upgraded to iOS 5.0.1 a few months ago, but to be honest I am not eager to upgrade it again…

    Is lowering the requirements to 5.0 something that you would consider, or something that would be possible to do? It’s rare to find applications that require 5.1 specifically, so I am hopeful.

    Sorry for the hassle. All the best!

  2. I only do iOS development as a hobby really and I can’t afford a lot of devices to test on, so there’s only so much I can do to make it work on the older versions which I don’t have. The last version was compatible with 4.2 onwards, but people ran into problems with it that I couldn’t fix because I didn’t own a device with 4.2. Even if I did, I couldn’t be sure that I could fix things because I’m using a game engine that outputs the iOS code. For now this release is 5.1 only because I want people to experience the game when it works 100%.

    Apologies to people running the older iOS that want to play the game, it’s just a case of being a one-person self-funded developer that I don’t have the extra time and resources to ensure it works on the older iOS versions right now.

    That said, I’ll look into lowering the requirement to 5.0 as I can’t imagine there’s a huge amount of change from 5 to 5.1.

  3. Hi Cole,

    Thanks for the reply – and by all means, there’s no need to apologize, I can certainly empathize with the situation. I just wanted to raise the question, but as long as you’re aware of it and it’s something that you did on purpose, I’m certainly fine with that.

    I hope all goes well!


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