MegaCity 10% more Mega

MegaCity 10% more Mega


It’s been quite a busy week. I’ve been racing to get the latest updates out for the original MegaCity. I’ve gone back and added some more content- this time 2 extra levels/unlockable buildings, a secret unlockable building and 10 more achievements! There are also some other nifty minor changes. The update is in review for iOS, and will be coming to android at roughly the same time (hopefully next week). The xbox version has also had a much, much needed update. Windows phone & flash updates will follow.

I’ve had one or two cool new ideas for the sequel too. At the moment I want a system based on the roads to dictate the influence of certain buildings. I may of worded that badly– it’s hard to describe, but I think it might be cool if this works well in conjunction with the building cluster system I mentioned a few posts back. We’ll see how this turns out because a lot of ideas at this stage remain untested.

I also want to get started on the graphics soon, as this will be a significant amount of work in addition to the engine. It would also be nice to have something to show instead of just posting about ideas here every week!


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