MegaCity HD

MegaCity HD

megacityAvailable now on iTunes!Available now on Google Play!Available now on Amazon App store for Kindle!Available now for Windows Phone 7 & 8!Available now on Xbox Live Indie Games!Available to play as a flash game!

“addictive iPhone gaming at its peak.” 9/10 – AppGamer

“going to make the hours melt away.” 9/10 – 148Apps

“An ingenious strategic hybrid” 5/5 – Official Xbox Magazine

MegaCity is a unique city building puzzle game. Easy to play, hard to master!

Easy to learn but hard to master, the game features gameplay that sees you inadvertently creating your own puzzles!

Place requested buildings in the queue to earn points, but watch out: Nobody wants to live next to a landfill site or industrial estate! Everybody wants a nice park or school nearby, but the city’s budget is limited.

This is where you come in…

Megacity is a game of planning and thinking ahead to squeeze the most points of out your citizens by clever town planning. And if it all goes wrong, it’s their fault for electing you mayor, right?

It’s Tetris meets Sim City! Critically well reviewed on every platform, if you haven’t played it yet- what are you waiting for?!

Megacity is a real thinking person’s game, which appeals to and is suitable for all ages.


♦ Dozens of different buildings!
With more to unlock as you progress!

♦ Challenge Mode!
Figure out how to complete the level with the buildings given.

♦ Multi-platform online high scores!*
Compete with others on different devices.

♦ An achievement system that matters!
Help unlock new buildings with each achievement.

♦ Universally compatible.
The game will adapt to all screen sizes for tablets & phones without stretched graphics!

*Online scores & achievements not currently available in Xbox version because of XBLIG restrictions.

MegaCity requires a minimum of iOS 5.0/Android 2.2/Windows Phone 7.1.

If you want to read some tips or a tutorial on how to play, I’ve created a guide here.




128 thoughts on “MegaCity HD

  1. Bought it today on XBLIG – a nice and slick game! But it has no online-highscores, hasn’t it (I know that with XBLIGs it’s only possible via P2P workaround)? And are the achievements gone, too (or “awards”, as most indie devs call them on Xbox)?

    1. Btw, I’ve just updated this page to reflect that. I didn’t know you could call them awards and get away with it! Maybe I’ll re-add them in an update. Not sure about the online high scores though.

  2. Thanks for your fast answer. Many interesting games on XBLIG resp. ones with focus on scores suffer from missing online features/scores. Usually I stop playing such games quite fast, regardless their quality, because I can’t compare may scores with the “world” and esp. my friends. So I would really suggest you to implement a global highscores system. These P2P systems are not optimal but far better then nothing. “Awards” as a local achievements replacement are not that important, but it’s a additional motivation to keep playing.

    PS: Can you explain the right bar – when does it decrease? And it is only important for Unlocks or your score, too?

    PPS: A reader could now think that MegaCity on XBLIG doesn’t support global nor local highscores ;-).

    1. Thanks for the info. I’ll look into doing what I can to get global high scores.
      Updated the info again too.

      Btw, I’m working on ideas for a sequel. I’ve got a lot already but if you have some feel free to comment here etc. That applies to everyone 🙂

  3. No ideas for a sequel, but suggestions for an update:

    1.) After a finished/lost game, your highscore isn’t save when you hit “Play again”. At least when you have reached a new top highscore, the score should be always saved!

    2.) Maybe some one-time indicator at the columns’ counters that show an increase on the needed points, so you can plan your strategy (“ah, with the fifth column, I need 6 points then”).

    3.) Maybe a one-time checkpoint so can pause (and shut-down) the game and continue it later from that point?

    PS: I need to check out how the game works with more than one player. And I think the numbers on the bottom of the XP bar only show the empty fields and have no effects on the score and/or XP?

  4. Hi,

    Got the game on XBL. Nice title. 80 pts well spent. I’m going to review this game soon, so check out my site…. (in the next few days).

    Like Mega City, make sure to include randomizers for any game you make! Makes the game replayable! My high score in MC is about 50,000.

    Some things to look into:

    – I think the 4x Hi-rise square shows an X-shape silhouette
    – No online leaderboards?
    – Give gamers the option to include/exclude Unlockable Buildings, by alowing them to check on or off which ones they want
    – Include a replay/theatre mode? Would be nice to see how I finished the Challenge Mode maps
    – When I got first place on the leaderboard, my user name wrapped into the 3rd or 4th name on the list. I think the formatting is off depending how long your gamertag name is?
    – At the top of the screen, the columns show how many pts you need in the left column, but the other ones don’t tell you how many pts. I’d like to know that to plan my next columns, esp. since 2x Apartments, 2x community bonuses, and 4x Hi-rises are important
    – Custom tiles. Create and name your own tiles? Maybe not the graphics, but let you mess around with the blue/red effect
    – More Challenge Maps. Also, is the difficulty off? I found the harder maps easier than the ones labeled Easy and Med! Or maybe that’s just me!

  5. And one more option to maybe include:

    Give gamers the option to turn off/on CPU automatically placing tiles on the right side of the screen as you clear columns and the map scrolls rightward.

    Will make it more difficult instead of allowing gamers all green space to work with. Just don’t go overboard with the CPU filling in spaces! Just here and there.

    Again, nice Indie game Cole Powered!

  6. Crap. One final suggestion!

    In the option screen, tell gamers how pts are calculated. When I clear rows, sometimes it’s 160 pts, sometimes 300-320, sometimes 1,000. One time I even got 2,000+ I think. Not sure how the math works.

  7. Hello everyone, thanks for the feedback. There’s some great ideas here, some bugs/glitches I’ll hopefully fix in an update, the ideas I’ll probably include in the sequel.

    A few answers to your questions;
    -The further over the target are, the more points you’ll get for clearing the column. This is exponential, so you’ll get a *lot* more points for a column with 20 points than for one with 5 or so. So the more you plan ahead, the bigger the reward will be, but it also increases the risk of being unable to meet the target.

    -Online leaderboards I want to include but indie game restrictions does not make it easy unfortunately.

    -Difficulty might be a little off with the challenges, it’s a bit difficult to gauge how hard people will find it.

    -When you finish a game it will (or should) remember your highest score to post onto the leaderboard. So if you play again, and get a lower score it should remember your first score. If you play again and get a higher score, it’ll go with that.

  8. Just bought it from XBLIG… great game, loads of fun. Really wish I knew it was on iOS earlier, would had bought it there… maybe I’ll end up with both. 🙂

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  10. I love this game. I really want to know what the meter on the right of the screen is for and how the #/# score on the bottom is calculated and what it’s for. I’d also love to be able to listen to my books/music while playing. I like the idea a previous posted had about advance warning when the point requirement is going to go up.

    1. Thanks! The meter on the right is how close you are to leveling up. Once you level up, you unlock a new building which can appear in the queue.

      Enabling custom music is something which might appear in a future update.

      Thanks for your feedback 🙂

    1. The game has been exclusive to Sony devices for a month, but that exclusivity will come to an end soon. The official android release will be out before the end of November!

  11. Hello, just bought the Android version today and love it!

    Need some instruction on the challenges, I can’t figure out what the objective is! Can you assist?


  12. Great game! I gave it a detailed 5-star review on Google Play. I have one suggestion and one question.

    The suggestion: You must find a way to save the game for me if I get a phone call or just need to do other things on my phone for a while! I’ve just reached level 10, and now I’m turning my attention toward posting the first 1M+ score to the global list. I can’t do that in one sitting, so I’m begging you, please save my game! 🙂

    And the question, hopefully without spoiling anything: does the 10th unlockable building do anything different from the basic building it resembles? Other than hide the property value? I’m confused…

    1. Hi Eric, Thanks for your feedback!

      I wasn’t aware that the game closed when the user gets a call, I thought it should stay open in the background? I’ll look into this for a future update, although I’m focusing a lot of my time right now on putting ideas together for a sequel for next year.

      The City Hall is like a house tile but when you place it it has the points value equal to your target (so like a column clearer). I have had some folks ask me about this so many it needs to be more clear.

      Thanks again, I’m glad you enjoy the game 🙂 good luck with the 1M+ score!

  13. love the game! Wish the challenges could be solved for me! I’m stuck and I’d just like to see how its done and move onto the next thing. Yes, “show me the answer” would be great, or even a hint if what the hell to do next.

    1. Great 🙂 you don’t get bonuses for clearing multiple columns at a time BUT you do get exponentially more points the further over the target you are. So if you build ahead and collect more points in the columns to come, you will be rewarded 🙂

  14. I have been playing this game for months, but never ever ever made a challenge,simply because I have NO ideas what the goals / requirements are. Where can I find these?

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  16. I recently re-bought this game. I had it years ago on and older iphone when the soundtrack used to be Rhapsody in Blue. What happened to that? Now it’s some other jazz tunes and I’m dying to know the names of those or whether you made the tunes up yourself.

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