September 23rd!

Concrete Jungle will be releasing for PC via Steam and on Wednesday September 23rd! It’s been a long time coming, but finally the project is approaching completion. You’ll be able to play in a few weeks. Hooray!

The native mac version is still in the works, but should you want to play on mac on release, the download will also feature a wineskinned version you can run on mac. If you have a halfway modern mac it will run identically to the windows version.

Here’s a quick new teaser trailer:



The Concrete Jungle Monthly Chronicle – August

The Concrete Jungle Monthly Chronicle – August

Hello everybody!

While I’ve been quiet with the updates, it’s been a great month!

I’m on the verge of setting a release date. I’m just waiting on a couple of boring admin things to sort out before I can go ahead and confirm. Along with that I’ll get the steam page rolling.

As you may remember from the kickstarter, I planned to deliver the stretch goals following release in a free update as to not delay the game. Well, as the game got delayed a few months anyway due to some significant gameplay tweaks earlier in the year, I’m pleased to say a few of the stretch goals will be in the release version! Yes, it was worth the wait!

So what can you expect in the full release?

My original goal was for 150 buildings in-game, with a stretch goal of an additional 50 to be added in a post-release update. The release version will have 170 buildings in total- so that’s well above the target. The update following release will add another 30 to bring the total to the stretch goal of 200. It’s worth noting that some cards are not buildings, and there will actually be 201 cards in the release version!

-The kickstarter goal was for 6 characters, with the stretch goal of another 2 being added in the update. I’m pleased to say all 8 playable characters will be in the release version and featured in the story mode!

-Voice acting was another stretch goal intended for the update. Well, the voice acting was recorded last week, and I’m incredibly happy with it! You guys are in for a treat, I’ve managed to cast some perfect voice actors/actresses for Karl’s characters. The voice acting will appear in the release version!

-The expanded soundtrack will also make the release version, with some excellent original music by Saad Akhter Ali. The licensed music from Xerxes, Mohkov and DP Kauffman will also be in.

-The ‘Night Mode’ is still planned for the free update. It’s a big task that will require some more time, so this will arrive with the extra buildings.

-Non-English language support is also going to be arriving at a later date with the update. There is a lot of text in the game (tutorial, building descriptions etc), so it’s a sizable task.

See you soon, with a date!

The Concrete Jungle Monthly Chronicle – July

The Concrete Jungle Monthly Chronicle – July

Hello folks! It”s been quite a while since the last update- so I’m here to remind you that I’m alive.

The last few weeks I have been busy big fixing, tweaking and polishing up the game. I’ve fixed bugs, inadvertently created new ones in the process, then fixed them.

I’ve gone through each level in the 18-level story mode/campaign and made sure each is balanced and enjoyable. Along side that I’m very close to finalizing the game’s script. Next week I shall begin casting for the VO work- this should be fun!

As for the AI, I’ve been pitching it against itself (you can set up the game to play itself if you so desire). I’m currently collecting info from the AI playing over and over again in order to balance character abilities and cards. So far 4 out of the 8 characters I believe to be well balanced, and I’m currently running the second batch of tests to find out if my recent tweaks have improved the other 4.

One of the last ‘buildings’ completed was the Canal tile. Concrete Jungle now has some much needed water!


I’ve been using this to make the story levels a bit more visually interesting, although you can also unlock it as a starting card.

Literally just before I started writing this update, I got ‘Classic’ mode fully working. This mode echos Concrete Jungle’s predecessor, MegaCity. The deck building is removed, replaced by an infinite list of randomly assigned buildings. It’s a lighter, more arcade-y style of play and is perfect if you only have 10 or 15 minutes to kill as opposed to the 20+ minutes of the other 2 modes.

Classic mode plays a lot like MegaCity.
Classic mode plays a lot like MegaCity.

Over the next week I’m going to begin revising the main menu and options, shifting the game’s save system to something faster and more robust, and implementing stat tracking. I want the game to keep track of your favorite cards and how many buildings you’ve placed etc- there should be some interesting stats to keep track of.

We’re getting ever close to a release now, but I’m not quite at the stage where I can set a date in stone. With the next update I’ll be able to bring you that. The game has seen another large leap forward since the beta in May, so I’m super excited to show you it as it approaches it’s full release. Stay tuned!

The Concrete Jungle Weekly Chronicle – June 20th

The Concrete Jungle Weekly Chronicle – June 20th

Hello all!

It’s time to reveal the final playable character for the game! This is Jeon Park, but he’s also known as ‘Captain Caribou’.


Four years ago, Caribou City government hired a crossing guard superhero mascott to teach kids about road safety. 2 months after, Jeon was fired. But believing “the city needed a hero”, Jeon kept Captain Caribou alive. Instead of opting to fight crime like a useful superhero, CC remains committed to not only helping kids cross roads, but making sure everybody gets to work on time. He’s perhaps the most unnecessary superhero ever.


Jeon’s skill tree is based around public transport and link-based buffs. He gets access to train stations, subway stations and taxi ranks.

Also this week I’ve continued to polish up the game. Once of the coolest things I’ve added recently is the building placement animation- before when you placed tiles they just appeared. Now there’s a nice animation to accompany that:


What’s left to do:

-Playtesting/tweaking on the main campaign mode missions.
-Skill tree icon graphics.
-Finish adding new sound effects (90% done).
-Playtesting AI/tweaking & balancing.
-Final card balancing.
-Stats tracking & achievements screen.
-Improvements to options and card database screen.
-Finalize script then commission some voice acting!

So there’s still a bit to go but for the most part it *should* be quite straightforward. The largest part is basically tweaking and polishing various elements of the game. There may be a few update-less weeks ahead as some of the things above are very boring to write & read about in updates. I may move away from a regular weekly update to a ‘post when I’ve got something interesting to share’ schedule!

But to end, here’s a couple of random buildings from weeks prior that I (don’t think) I posted:

Taxi Rank
Taxi Rank
A Workshop
A Workshop
Investment Bank
Investment Bank