Planet Wars out now on Xbox Live Indie Games!

Planet Wars out now on Xbox Live Indie Games!


Hi all! Some exciting news, my game Planet Wars is out now on Xbox! This game is a couple of years old now, and it was my attempt at making a slightly retro top down shooter with a huge amount of variety in the weapons. It’s been out on mobile devices for some time, but it’s only just been now properly converted for Xbox.

It’s had an awkward life– originally it was to be a PC indie game, then I started developing it for iOS instead as I wanted to dabble in that market. It works OK on a touch screen, but really the controls were much more suited to Xbox. As a result the Xbox version is the best version by far, not to take anything away from the other versions. I also took the time to implement 4 player local co-op, which after a few tests with my mates, was definitely worth it. It’s a lot of fun to play in co-op– if you like stuff like Borderlands, then you should definitely check it out!

As a reward for reading this, here are some promotion codes for the Xbox version:



4 thoughts on “Planet Wars out now on Xbox Live Indie Games!

  1. Hey man, I just tried the demo and I think this game is great. I used the bottom MH3….promo, but I might purchase it on my gf’s account to support you any way I can. Thanks for the code and good luck with this game. From the few minutes I’ve played so far it really is already better than 95% of games on xblig.

  2. Almost 13 hours after this blog entry went live and still working codes?! I used the code above the last one, thanks! But first I need to try the updated version of MegaCity!

  3. Hey, Planet Wars caught my eye on XBL… didn’t know it was an older game, but I dig the style. Headed to YouTube for more info, which lead to your Blog… great stuff! I happened to nab the VW6GT code (sweet), though the R676Y and T223Q codes seemed now used along w/ the 2 aforementioned ones. I’ll keep watching and look fwd to trying this one out ~ THANKS! Keep it up!

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