Pocket Drums

Pocket Drums

Available now on iTunes!

Make some noise with the customisable, easy-to-use drum machine for your phone!

The easy to use interface makes creating your own kit simple. Play using your fingers, or alternatively the loops mode allows even a complete novice to create some stylish drum beats.

-Setup Kit Mode: Use this to create, move and remove drums. Everything is self-expanatory and easy; Use the drop down menu to pick from a choice of 26 drums, then drag it around the screen to position it wherever you like. You can even stack drums to play more that one of them with one tap! Drag them to the ‘delete drum’ button at the top to remove them, use the ‘clear kit’ button to start over.

-Play mode: As simple as it sounds; tap a drum to play it. Drums which are frequently used in a roll such as snares use a ’round-robin’ technique to eliminate the machine-gun type effect you get with electronic drums. High quality drum samples are kindly provided by soundsoutsidethelines.com – masters of digital sound recording. Other samples are provided from various other sources.

-Loops mode: Using a simple drum matrix, even a complete beginner can create some groovy drum beats. Simply tap a cell to insert a beat, then play. You can create a basic beat in loops mode, and play along to it yourself in play mode!* Please note loops mode is only recommended for iPhone 3GS or newer, due to the processing power required to play the samples in time.

*Disclaimer: I’m pleased to announce this app is now completely free on iTunes, with no ads. This is because I lost interest in developing the project further, so therefore feel I shouldn’t charge for it. Maybe one day I’ll pick it up again, but for now please treat it as abandonware. I’m also not a professional musician, so please don’t expect anything more than a ‘fun’ program, this is not professional audio software (although of course, feel free to use it however you like).



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