Six O’Clock Late

Six O’Clock Late


It’s been another little while since the last update so here it is. Work on Six O’Clock High, or ‘SOCH’ as I’ll refer to it has been going well. It’s not out yet, no, so I’ve missed my original target– but I hope this is for the better as the reason behind that is because I’ve decided to add a few things.

Namely Zeppelins (which help diversify the game’s enemies a little, and are super satisfying to shoot down). Also a small storyline element that explains the back story of the pilot and gunner which I’m pleased with.

I’ve been developing the game for multiple platforms, and I’m aiming for a simultaneous release on all of them. Currently I’m working on the Xbox version, which runs very smoothly and works nicely. It won’t be too long before I have a load more screenshots and a trailer to share!


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