Sleigher out now!

Sleigher out now!

Hi boys and girls. I’ve got an exciting new release to announce- my latest game ‘Sleigher’ is out now on iTunes!

It’s free to play! There are some options upgrades you can purchase in-game, but you can also earn them through playing (and you don’t have to play an excessive amount to get them).

It’s a high speed, arcade sleigh sim. Smash through mountain roads, ice lakes, ski resorts & towns as you guide your dogs using super easy controls. Gain bonuses for high-speed runs, air time or generally causing chaos along the way! Have fun!


3 thoughts on “Sleigher out now!

  1. Was this inspired by that old game on windows when the Yeti would attack you after so long? Skifree or something. Anyway, it looks fun and I like your artstyle.

    1. Thanks. It’s fairly different to skifree in most respects but basic concept was influenced by it, yes. (And I couldn’t not include a yeti 😉 )

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