The Concrete Jungle Monthly Chronicle – August

The Concrete Jungle Monthly Chronicle – August

Hello everybody!

While I’ve been quiet with the updates, it’s been a great month!

I’m on the verge of setting a release date. I’m just waiting on a couple of boring admin things to sort out before I can go ahead and confirm. Along with that I’ll get the steam page rolling.

As you may remember from the kickstarter, I planned to deliver the stretch goals following release in a free update as to not delay the game. Well, as the game got delayed a few months anyway due to some significant gameplay tweaks earlier in the year, I’m pleased to say a few of the stretch goals will be in the release version! Yes, it was worth the wait!

So what can you expect in the full release?

My original goal was for 150 buildings in-game, with a stretch goal of an additional 50 to be added in a post-release update. The release version will have 170 buildings in total- so that’s well above the target. The update following release will add another 30 to bring the total to the stretch goal of 200. It’s worth noting that some cards are not buildings, and there will actually be 201 cards in the release version!

-The kickstarter goal was for 6 characters, with the stretch goal of another 2 being added in the update. I’m pleased to say all 8 playable characters will be in the release version and featured in the story mode!

-Voice acting was another stretch goal intended for the update. Well, the voice acting was recorded last week, and I’m incredibly happy with it! You guys are in for a treat, I’ve managed to cast some perfect voice actors/actresses for Karl’s characters. The voice acting will appear in the release version!

-The expanded soundtrack will also make the release version, with some excellent original music by Saad Akhter Ali. The licensed music from Xerxes, Mohkov and DP Kauffman will also be in.

-The ‘Night Mode’ is still planned for the free update. It’s a big task that will require some more time, so this will arrive with the extra buildings.

-Non-English language support is also going to be arriving at a later date with the update. There is a lot of text in the game (tutorial, building descriptions etc), so it’s a sizable task.

See you soon, with a date!


4 thoughts on “The Concrete Jungle Monthly Chronicle – August

  1. Hi Cole

    My name is Eoin O’Hanlon I’m a games enthusiast from Cork, Ireland.
    I’m currently doing a public relations thesis on crowdfunding on Kickstarter. My research has been specifically looking at the crowdfunding of video games.

    So far with my research, I have been covering Kickstarter games made in Ireland.
    However, I’d really like to able to expand this and cover a success story in the UK. This has brought me to you.

    I was wondering would be interested in doing a short, informal 15 minute Skype interview with me in the coming week, to discuss your successful kickstarter project. I’m free any time so can work around your schedule.

    The questions won’t be taxing and revolve around how you promoted and got people to help you reach your funding goal. I have the questions prepared and can send them on to you before the call. There isn’t many of them.

    I will be extremely grateful for any time you can give offer me as I found your project and campaign a fascinating one.
    If you have any questions about this, you can also contact me or on twitter @eoiny02 and my Skype name is eoinnx02.

    Hope to hear from you soon
    All the best

    1. Hello Eoin!

      Thanks for the request! You’ve caught me on a really busy week/month however! I’m preparing promotional assets for the game and sending out press releases (note- step 1 for a successful kickstarter!) However, I’d be happy to answer your questions by email (which is a lot easier for me seeing as I can do so whenever I have free time).

      All the best,

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