Update! Planet Wars 1.3 for iOS

Update! Planet Wars 1.3 for iOS

Planet Wars 1.3 has landed on iOS. It’s not so much a patch, more like a complete overhaul that improves almost everything in the game!


Below are just some of the update details:

Increased resolution; game is more iPad & Retina friendly.
Controls (virtual sticks & in-game buttons) are more responsive.
Added Reload button.
On-screen stick positions are now customisable.
You can now swipe to navigate the graphic novel cut scenes.
Revamped sound effects: All weapon sounds are of improved quality.
New Music during gameplay & cut scenes.
Revamped armoury menu- stats are displayed next to the weapons so you can more easily compare stats.
New pause menu with music/mute options.
Added cloud graphics (you can turn them off in the options menu if you wish).
Added a ‘Grassland Base’ Survival map & leaderboard.
Revamped the final level.
Lots of minor tweaks to levels & level design.
Defense maps now cover one screen area for simplicity.
Fixed: Pause menu in level 10 didn’t pause the boss.
Fixed: Pause menu didn’t pause Drones.
Fixed: Mission menu now loads the amount of stars for level 10.
Fixed: Ammo count would display -1 when the flame-thrower’s clip was empty.
Fixed: Drone attack sometimes wouldn’t cause damage.
Fixed: Pausing the game when scrolling caused it to advance too far.
Added a background to the pause menu.
Added a parasite warning instruction.
New & improved tutorial.
Mission timers in base building levels now display digits <10 properly.
Improved some of the Graphic Novel story frames.
Area Clear scrolling has been sped up.
Starting amount of money increased from 1000 to 5000.
Increased XP/Credits you get from playing no-base Survival levels.
Special Abilities & Squad Members are now avilable in defense missions…
As a result, the difficulty of defense missions have been increased.
Players can now choose to unlock/buy every weapon & item in the game for a small fee (ofcourse you can still do this by earning credits through the game as before).
Dozens of other tweaks & fixes.


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