Weekly Update 25th Feb 2012

Weekly Update 25th Feb 2012

Hello all, time for my weekly update.

I’ve been continuing ‘Sleigher’ this week. It’s going pretty well, I’ve just put in the scoring system and the HUD. The current release date target is this summer, but it’s still too early for anything concrete. I’ve been thinking of multiplayer modes to include on the xbox version too; I can only imagine how crazy a local multiplayer version of this game would be.

Aside from the continued development of Sleigher, Xbox Megacity has been going through some final testing. If it’s not at least sent off to XBLIG next week, I’ll eat my hat. I’ll buy a hat, then I’ll eat it.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Update 25th Feb 2012

  1. Could not register on forums. Found a bug in mega city that is horrid. After unlocking level 10 unlocks the city hall does nothing when planted.
    Minor bug for 4X apartments is that it shows the shadows of the previous tile. Very distracting when playing at a high speed.

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