XNA Development

XNA Development

I’m installing the XNA development tools and clickteam’s XNA beta as I type, in the hope to port MegaCity to Xbox. Exciting stuff. I have no idea if I currently will be able to, or how long it will take to learn about the XNA development process and get a stable build of the game to release onto the indie game market place- let’s hope not too long!

I’ve also updated sections for my upcoming iOS projects- Planet Wars and Wiki Quiz. Both are awaiting review by apple for the iTunes app store, and both are iPhone only this time (sorry ipaders- maybe I’ll release ipad versions if they prove popular). Planet Wars should come first, assuming it passes quality control. I’ll release free versions of both too, but expect them a week or more after initial releases. Both will be priced at tier 1 ($0.99). I’ll be keeping you updated.


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