Other Projects

Other Projects

Released Games:
Six O’Clock High – A simple and fun WW1 aircraft shooter.
MegaCity – A completely unique city building puzzle game.
Sleigher – A husky sled arcade/action game.
Planet Wars – An intense top down alien shooter with strategy elements.

Released Apps:
Quizzical – A free quiz game that helps you learn about the answers. Formerly ‘WikiQuiz’.
Pocket Drums – A free acoustic drum simulator app.


Portfolio Site – If you came here looking for my illustration/animation/graphic design work, this is my portfolio site.

Extensions & Tutorials for Multimedia Fusion 2:

Setting up Players & Controllers for an Xbox Game – Template for setting up controllers for multiple players.
QuickKong Extension for MMF2 – Uses UnknownGuardian’s Quick Kong script to allow Kongregate API integration in MMF2’s SWF applications.

7 thoughts on “Other Projects

  1. Cole,
    Love your work. I wrote you ounce before with regards to the sunshine construct. In a couple animation classes now and interested in capturing the feel of that project. Can you offer some pointers on software and animation hybrid techniques. Thanks.

  2. Hi i was just wanting to know have you really being making games since 1829 but they are all on the computer know tho.

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