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Month: January 2012



So it turns out the latest MegaCity update will remove level progress for existing players. Really sorry about this- I have no idea why this is happening, and it shouldn’t be happening. I can only apologise for now.

If it’s any consolation, this will probably be the last big update to MegaCity, so this shouldn’t happen again.

New lick of paint for MegaCity (1.5 update)

New lick of paint for MegaCity (1.5 update)

I’ve been busy working to update MegaCity again. During the development process for it’s sequel, I had several ideas for a new UI. It seemed a bit silly not to update the original game, so I did. While I was at it, I added some new buildings, new bug fixes, and among other new stuff an add-on shop where you can buy double XP mode or more challenges if you so wish. MegaCity is more polished than ever now!

Change log for 1.5:

-UI overhaul; useless vertical side counters have been replaced by more useful horizontal top counters (especially more useful in challenge mode).

-Added a visual display telling the player when the column will advance.

-Fixed a bug where sometimes the game did not detect the end of the level (when there are no more spaces).

-Added a counter which displays how many empty spaces are left.

-Surplus XP is now accounted for after leveling up.

-Added 3 new un-lockable buildings! It is now possible to reach level 10.

-New add-on shop where you can buy ‘double xp mode’ or 6 new challenges for the game if you wish.

-Unlockable buildings now appear more often.

-More efficient code, as a result the game should run better across the board.



Happy (belated) new year!

This is the year ColePowered goes big, with a bit of luck. I’ve learned a lot from the few months I’ve been developing games professionally, and I’m certainly getting better at it- coding-wise and presentation-wise. I’ve got some big plans ahead for 2012:

First off, as I’ve said for the last couple of posts, the xbox 360 version of megacity is still ‘nearly ready’. It’s 99.9% there, it’s just been going through some extensive play-testing and I literally have one or two bugs to fix before it’s done.

I’m also releasing a flash version of megacity soon. It’ll be the cut-down version which you can find for free on iTunes, but free and available for anyone with flash installed nonetheless.

On the subject of Megacity, the sequel is coming along well. At the moment I’m thinking it will feature an updated version of the original, a ‘classic’ mode if you will. On top it will feature the new mode which is kinda hard to describe with just words, so I’ll leave the reveal of that to a later date. It’s also going to have multiplayer, and eventually be available on iOS, Xbox, PC & Android.

Last but not least; Planet Wars. I want to do a complete overhaul of the game and design it for xbox and PC with co-op play! This will be a large and ambitious project. It’s exciting though, I can’t wait to get started on it!

So that’s my plan for 2012, I hope you continue to enjoy my games. I will ofcourse be supporting all my releases with updates too.