A Six O’Clock High Update!

A Six O’Clock High Update!


Good afternoon! Well, June is here and although I had originally planned to get my recent project ‘Six O’Clock High’ out by now… I haven’t. This isn’t due to anything other than me under-estimating the amount of time involved. BUT it’s definitely getting near a release now.

It’s playing well, I’ve improved the graphics slightly and there are now 5 different enemy plane types. The player’s plane upgrades are all in place apart from one, and yesterday I started the menu system. I’m for a simultaneous mulit-platform release later in the month, perhaps even at the end of the month at this rate.

Here’s some more recent screenshots:

soch_01 soch_02soch_05 soch_03

The game looks better in motion, so I’ve made some gifs to showcase the gameplay in action!

SOCH in action!

SOCH in action!


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