Concrete Jungle Out Now on iOS & Android

Concrete Jungle Out Now on iOS & Android

It’s been a whole year, but I’m pleased to announce Concrete Jungle is now available for both iOS and Android! The price is $4.99. It’s especially great on tablet- and it’s nice to see the game on the platforms of it’s predecessor.



10 thoughts on “Concrete Jungle Out Now on iOS & Android

  1. Hi. Does this game sync betweeen devices? I like playing it but my iPhone campaign doesn’t sync with my iPad. Sometimes I can’t play one or the other. Don’t want 2 campaigns going. Thanks

  2. Good to read the detail of concrete jungle out now on iOS & Android for the user of both brand of mobiles. This is very interesting game having a lot of great fetures. This website is good source to select the best game according to the mobile capacity.

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