Concrete Jungle Released TODAY (8PM GMT / 12PM PDT)

Concrete Jungle Released TODAY (8PM GMT / 12PM PDT)

Well here we are guys! Concrete Jungle will be released in just a matter of hours. I’ve been busier than even prepping for this, it’s been a long, long time coming and a huge amount of work. But the game is ready!

All backers should have their keys by now, please get in touch if there are any problems. The relevant backers will have houses and buildings named after them according to their submitted info. If you think your name is missing from the game (it may take a while to appear in a game since the names are assigned from a random pool), also do let me know.

So I’ll take this opportunity to thank all the backers and anyone who has supported the project, it’s been such a great year being able to work full time on something I love. I hope the release will allow me to continue to do so!

This is by far the biggest, most ambitious, and easily the best game I’ve ever worked on. The kickstarter funding allowed it to be so much more than it’s original target. It plays, looks and sounds better than I could of hoped for when I started this project, and it was made possible by you!

Development has reached it’s biggest milestone, but there’s still more to do; over the coming months I still plan on adding the extra buildings, night mode and language support. Plus I’ll get to work on ports for iOS and Android, and depending on success more platforms.

I’ll leave you with this- the Concrete Jungle launch trailer. It’s a brand new trailer featuring the voice of Ben Britton (mayor Rick Selfridge). I hope you enjoy! TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

The game will also be coming to the Humble Store soon.


27 thoughts on “Concrete Jungle Released TODAY (8PM GMT / 12PM PDT)

  1. Cole,

    You made an amazing, fun, and addicting game. I bought it yesterday and my best friend and I have been passing the keyboard back and forth ever since. Can’t wait to see what future additions you have planned. Congrats on a great game and a job well done.


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