I’m Alive!

I’m Alive!

Hi folks! Wow an update! Yes– I’ve failed miserably at writing an update every week this year. I’ve managed, what? About 3?! Well writing about what I’m doing remains a weak point, but at least I’ve been doing some work!

I’m pleased to say I’ve joined a great community of game developers at Bristol Games Hub. I’m finding it a great experience so far. Previously I was working from home, which was fine but full of distractions. Having a proper office space has worked wonders for my productivity.

As well as finally releasing Concrete Jungle 1.1.8 on Android, iOS and Mac, I’ve been busy on my new project. It’s still not really ready to show, but I thought I’d use this post to tease a bit about what you can expect in the form of posting someย of my inspiration. I think you get the idea!

ย ย ย 


28 thoughts on “I’m Alive!

  1. Looks like a secret agent game but more unique. It could be vr but only the future will tell. And can I please have a link to the Sleigher songs Cole? PEACE!

    1. Thanks Crawford! All I remember about the sleigher songs is that one was called ‘because I’m a girl’, the other was called ‘how should I know’ and I licensed them through a website called shockwavesound.com. Wish I could help you more, but I’m completely blanking on the name of the band.

      1. Thanks Cole. I havnt found em yet but I found the sight. if you remember the name or find the songs please tell me. And another question will the new game cost anything? I don’t mind splashing the cash on a game bound to be cool game thoe.

      2. I found because I am a girl song on iTunes by busby beats on the album ultimate rock play along tracks for drums its the same song but it’s missing some instruments. And I found a version with lyrics on YouTube. I’ll keep looking in to it Cole and again many thanks.

  2. EY man I have some of your games but I’m only young so I don’t have much money, will concrete jungle ever be free?

      1. Cole I just asked my mother and she let me have some money for the game, but it won’t work on her iPhone 6, please fix it in an update I feel like myself right now.

        1. Ok- don’t worry. What’s the problem with it not working? If we can’t get it to work I’ll make sure you get a refund.

  3. Update is all done and the game is working and to be honest it’s great I prefer plant wars, but this is still great. PS have a nice day Cole and good luck with the new game ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Have we got any exact date for the new game to come out Cole? Can’t wait! Sure it’ll be an AAA title!

    1. No idea yet- I’m working on it as much as humanly possible right now just to have something to show. I think I’ll be able to reveal the concept properly in a month or two. It probably won’t look pretty until a few months after that! I’d say release it at minimum a year away- but hopefully, I can people excited!

  5. A year is a long time but at least you’ve allready made enough good games to keep us happy until then. Any leaks on what the games about? PEACE!

    1. Thanks man! Only these images ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ll reveal it properly when I have something interesting to show.

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