The Concrete Jungle Weekly Chronicle – March 21st

The Concrete Jungle Weekly Chronicle – March 21st

This week I’ve been working on the list of changes I put together after Rezzed. I’m really pleased with the changes so far.



Perhaps the most obvious thing this week is the addition of the ‘underground’. It’s really just a cosmetic addition but I think it really brings depth to the grid and makes it feel like you are viewing a cross section of a city (which was the idea from the beginning).

I’ve revamped a lot of the UI. Most noticeably the background colour (which will be changeable by the player), and the counter bars. There’s been a font switch-around too- I’m using the squarer font (‘Aldo The Apache’) for some of the UI text, which is the same as I used for the re-rendering of the game’s logo from last week.

There’s a load of other tweaks which are too numerous to list,and I’m only half way through my list!

I tried to screenshot the game with some of the taller buildings, but the game still needs a bit of balancing as it’s still very hard to get to that phase! It didn’t help that I got caught up with playing and actually forgot to take as many screenshots as I intended. Once I have a few more features in then balancing can begin.

One last thing- I started work on the new main menu today. It’s really early, but here’s a quick look at it so far:



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