Building Camelot The Build

Building Camelot The Build

28012014Hi folks, it’s been too long!

In the time since my last update and the release of Six O’Clock High, I’ve been working on some new projects. For my next project I’ll be working to help board game developer Wotan Games bring their new release, ‘Camelot – The Build’ to the digital world. Wotan got in touch with me a while back about developing a digital version. It’s a great little tile-based castle building puzzle game, with an emphasis on when and where you place your given tiles.

The cogs started turning on the project in Janurary, and I’ve been working on getting the game into a state that can be used as an early demonstration for their kickstarter campaign which went live literally just now!


It’s a competitive game where each player is assigned pieces of the castle. Players can place up to 3 pieces per turn, with each piece having an assigned value. Points are scored from adjacent tiles and if 3 pieces are laid end-to-end then the total score is doubled. The tiles continue to be dealt until all the pieces are placed, at which point the game ends and the player with the most points is crowned the winner. That’s it in a nutshell. An Arthurian nutshell.


The game will be able to support up to 4 players via local or online multiplayer, or you can just play against the AI, or mix n match those options to make up to 4. The board game itself has been getting very favourable reviews, so if this looks interesting to you I would definitely recommend giving them a visit and giving the tabletop version a try.


Right now we have a very early and rough but playable build. It’s coming along well, but there’s still a lot to do. The map is working, a lot of the UI features are working but need developing. There is no AI or multiplayer functionality as of yet either. But the good news in that I’ve found development to be very smooth, and I haven’t hit many problems.

In true multi-platform spirit, there’s also a greenlight campaign, so a thumbs up there would be greatly appreciated. We’re aiming for a release date of Q4 2014 with a release on  iOS, Android & PC. Follow me or @WotanGames for updates.


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