Six O’Clock High is Released Now!

Six O’Clock High is Released Now!

SOCH is released today!

Hello! I’m posting to announce that Six O’Clock High has finally been released! It costs around $1 or regional equivalent, and is available on a large range of platforms. Links below:

Available now on iTunes!Available now on Google Play!Available now on Amazon App store for Kindle!Available now for Windows Phone 7 & 8!Available now on Xbox Live Indie Games!Available to play as a flash game!

It’s been a funny project. This originally started as a very short project– intended to be completed in weeks, those weeks turned into months. The main reason is the multi-platform release, which I have never done simultaneously before. But what I have here is perhaps my most polished and best-looking release. It’s also the smallest and most accessible. Like ‘Sleigher’, it’s action-heavy, intended as something that’s easy to pick up and play.

I hope you enjoy. Here are some promotional codes for iOS:


Here are some for XBLIG:


I’ll be posting more promo codes on Facebook & twitter throughout the day (and the week most likely)!


2 thoughts on “Six O’Clock High is Released Now!

  1. I used the second-last XBLIG code and played a few minutes, so only first impressions.

    The game looks nice, although the pixelization may be a bit in contrast to the painting/picture style (in this regard the menu looks a but too “clean”, IMO)?

    You quite said it in the blog entry: the game is fast and simple. But because it is “only” a highscore hunt with waves (and no permanent unlockables), it really seems more a mobile game than a home console one. Especially that there are only local highscores on the Xbox 360. I didn’t test the multiplayer mode yet.

    I needed a moment to understand that the white “arrow” is the flight direction and that therefore the control is a bit indirect. And: How is the health of your plane shown? Is the manual roll important? Is there a disadvantage if you just keep firing you primary weapon manually?

    Compared to the other action-oriented game from you that I know, Planet Wars, it seems really more polished and better-looking. Planet Wars was because of its genre and content more “my game”, but it was a bit too undynamic/hard for me to keep my playing. So a mix of both would be perfect :-).

    1. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

      Health is displayed by the colour of your vapour trail btw- the blacker it is, the lower health you have. Same for enemy planes.

      The manual roll can be used to stop the plane flipping back from upside down. Since your gunner’s FOV is an arc above the plane, you may want to stay upside down instead of rolling the right way up in some situations.

      There is no disadvantage to manually firing, which is why I made the firing automatic if there is a plane infront of you.

      Hope this makes some sort of sense! Glad you enjoyed planet wars, I realise this is a much smaller project so thanks for your support 😀

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