Development Update 27th April 2012

Development Update 27th April 2012

This weeks been a busy one. A huge Planet Wars update is in the works, and is also coming  to flash once I reach a sponsorship deal. Check out the new trailer:

I’ve made lots of improvements since 1.2, and they should be hitting iOS within the next few weeks.  It’s a completely revamped game now, and should be much more ipad friendly too for the folks on the bigger screens. I’m also hoping to get the xbox version out by early summer, but we’ll have to see about that– I wan’t to add a co-op mode for that. The flash version will be almost identical, save for the defence missions, and hence will be an absolute bargain at the price of $free.
Also, the full version of MegaCity is now available for Windows PC on IndieCity here.


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