Weekly Development Update: 11th April 2012

Weekly Development Update: 11th April 2012

This week I’ve mostly been eating too much chocolate, but also working on Sleigher the husky sled game. Mostly in the graphics department. Here’s some boats:


It’s going well. Pouring detail into the various objects you can smash through I think is the key to it’s success, as it makes it fun to play. I’ve split up the randomly generated terrain into several sections; Tundra, Ice lake, Town, Winter Sports Resort, Mountains. There might be more of them to come, but those cover all the ‘wintery’ themed things I can think of. Expect to smash through houses, trees, ski jumps, ride on bob-sleigh tracks, outrun avalanches etc. It’s going to be a lot of fun, I can promise you that.

I’m thinking of going free-to-play with this, at least on iphone with iAds. Then having an option to buy it and remove the ads, and perhaps unlock some more features. This option will be in the lowest price bracket, so $1 or equivalent. I think this should be good though, as everyone will have a chance to play it properly without spending anything.

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