New lick of paint for MegaCity (1.5 update)

New lick of paint for MegaCity (1.5 update)

I’ve been busy working to update MegaCity again. During the development process for it’s sequel, I had several ideas for a new UI. It seemed a bit silly not to update the original game, so I did. While I was at it, I added some new buildings, new bug fixes, and among other new stuff an add-on shop where you can buy double XP mode or more challenges if you so wish. MegaCity is more polished than ever now!

Change log for 1.5:

-UI overhaul; useless vertical side counters have been replaced by more useful horizontal top counters (especially more useful in challenge mode).

-Added a visual display telling the player when the column will advance.

-Fixed a bug where sometimes the game did not detect the end of the level (when there are no more spaces).

-Added a counter which displays how many empty spaces are left.

-Surplus XP is now accounted for after leveling up.

-Added 3 new un-lockable buildings! It is now possible to reach level 10.

-New add-on shop where you can buy ‘double xp mode’ or 6 new challenges for the game if you wish.

-Unlockable buildings now appear more often.

-More efficient code, as a result the game should run better across the board.


4 thoughts on “New lick of paint for MegaCity (1.5 update)

  1. Love the game!!! I notice that if the game ends and you have a renovation tile, you can still complete a row and advance the board, but the game over icons will not leave the screen. Technically, although you have filled up all the spaces, you can still play and advance… This situation occurred twice in two days… Interesting bug. Anyway, thanks for the addicting game… It’s amazingly clever!

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